Meanwood SBS

Meanwood Strategic Business Solutions PTY LTD  provides a platform for individuals to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.  We provide training workshops with both a local or International facilitator, and draw participants from across the country or region. Our Workshops, Conferences & Seminars are arranged on a demand-driven basis. We have at our disposal a wide selection of accredited trainers who are available for training purposes on a national and international basis. Keep  up to date with industry trends and the regulatory landscape but above all to meet their peers and to hear practitioners, business solutions to the challenges they face . Our professional business service allows you to focus and remain on top! Meanwood SBS invites business practitioners to both speak at and attend our conferences, to share their insights and expertise and to network with new contacts to help propel both them and organizations forward faster and more effectively.

We aim to provide creative business solutions for local and international enterprises through the promotion of global opportunities for our clients to profit from, through interaction and learning. These training programmes expose delegates to the highest standards of international management thinking and practice.